Thursday, 17 November 2011

Elle & Kurt Geiger £20 Giftcard and 25% off!

Well it's been a hectic few weeks since the half term break and I have loads of ideas for posts to write about but so little time to actually sit down and type! However, this one just couldn't wait...

As many fashion/beauty bloggers have mentioned in their posts this month (I saw Fee's mention on Make-up Savvy) there have been some amazing magazine give-aways for the December issues of all our favourite reads. And Elle is no exception to the rule - a free £20 gift-card to spend at Kurt Geiger in store or on-line! And 10 lucky cards have get a credit of £1000!!

So on Saturday, I dutifully picked up my copy of Elle and on Sunday, registered my gift-card (alas, I had not won £1000 of shoes but hey ho, £20 will certainly do thank you!) and immediately perused the website for a pair of lovelies to spend my money on. Now, as I'm trying but still failing to curb my spending each month, I limited my browsing to just the SALE section and found some gorgeous heels although not all in my size. I couldn't decide there and then, so as the gift-card doesn't expire for 12 months, I thought I'd leave it and come back later.

Now Kurt Geiger HQ must have known of my hesitation as on Monday, they tempted me back in the form of an email offering 25% off everything from the 14th-19th November with the on-line code WRAPUP.

Well that did it! Add to basket...SOLD! And these little beauties arrived today, one pair for me and one for my sister.
Left:  Carvela Aries in Purple was £100 now £59 in the SALE then £44.25 with 25% off
Right: Miss KG Eve 2 in Pink was £75 now £45 in the SALE then £33.75 with 25% off

So including £4 delivery and then £20 off from the gift-card, that's two pairs for £62, not bad I think, especially from Kurt Geiger!

I went for the Carvela velvet looking suede purple heels and my sister chose the bright pink (although they look a little red in the photos) Miss KG suede heels. Now I'm set up with footwear for the Christmas party, just got to find a dress....

Have you checked out the 25% off deal at Kurt Geiger? Just enter the discount code WRAPUP at the checkout, but hurry as it finishes at midnight on Saturday 19th November!

Will you be taking up Elle and Kurt Geiger's offer? 

Both shoes shown above are available from the Kurt Geiger website.
Some pictures are courtesy of Kurt Geiger's website.

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