Sunday, 29 January 2012

Going Crazy for Chronographs!

Ladies' Chronograph watches have become the must-have style of wrist candy of late. I for one, absolutely love them and have been lusting after my own masculine design for some time now.

Fung-ling: DKNY NY4984
Everywhere I look I seem to see beautiful people sporting one of these shiny beauties. From fellow bloggers to my best friend, it seems that I am yet to follow in their footsteps and purchase myself one for my collection, but Oh, which one to choose!

My best friend, Fung-ling was recently given this gorgeous DKNY Ladies' Black Ceramic and Rose Gold Chronograph from her Dad. I love that it's such a classic watch design yet has a modern twist with the mix of black ceramic and rose gold casing and the crystal studded bezel framing the watch face.

The DKNY NY4984 is £275 RRP but the best price I found was at £219.

Ekaete: Michael Kors MK5410
I also spotted one of my favourite bloggers, Ekaete, wearing her Michael Kors Chronograph in Rose Gold on her Red Lips and Roses blog. Again, such a classic design, but with a twist of the Navy blue watch face, set against the Rose Gold plating of the watch itself. I personally find that all gold or all rose gold watches can be a bit much, so it is nice to break it up with the contrasting colour.

The Michael Kors MK5410 is £239 RRP and most stores are selling it at this price -, House of Fraser, John Lewis etc. It is around $250 in the states, so you may be able to order from the USA cheaper - but I don't know shipping costs/exchange rates, so don't take my word for it, it's just a suggestion!

Click Ekaete's photo or here to go to her recent post about her new watch.

I absolutely adore Fung-ling's and Ekaete's watch choices, along with a similar one from Marc by Marc Jacobs (of which there are so many colour combinations to chose from!) below.
Left - right: Marc by Marc Jacobs MBM3106, DKNY NY4984, Michael Kors MK5410

But my absolute favourite has to be this Guess design in gold with a silver watch face. I've been seeking a gold watch for a long time and after seeing this darling design I was instantly sold - Chronograph and yellow gold it ticks all the boxes. It's classic and timeless. Perfect! The only small negative is that it doesn't have a date window like the other three above, however, I have never owned a watch with a date window so cannot miss something I have never used. I seriously doubt this minor flaw will halt my future purchase. Now to justify this spend in next month's budget.....

Guess W16571 RRP £180
Do you own a Chronograph watch? I'd love to know which designer you went for in the end.

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  1. Of course I am biased and my favourite is the Michael Kors, however the Guess one is gorgeous! A timeless watch for sure.
    Ha, so weird... as I was writing this I got a notification on my phone saying you just commented on my blog!


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