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Carmine Beauty Box - February edition

Beauty boxes have been blogged about/reviewed/acclaimed/criticised for the best part of a year now so I finally took the leap, and jumped into the beauty box subscription pool at the end of last year.

I researched a little and decided to opt into the Glossybox and Carmine offerings, followed shortly by a dabble in the Feel Unique beauty box which was cancelled earlier this month (see my previous post - link). So far, the Carmine and Glossybox have impressed me the most, and dare I say, Carmine far more so than Glossybox!

So I was pleased to find my latest Carmine beauty box, waiting for me when I returned from work this evening. After a long day of lessons and revision classes until 7pm (yep, 7pm!!!!!!) a little beauty treat is exactly what I needed!
Of all the Carmine boxes I have received since my first in November, every single one has had at least 2 or 3 (out of 5) products which make me glad I got the box. Not one box has disappointed (unlike the others) and I genuinely feel I have had great value for money.

This month, of course, was no exception... I had already sneaked a peek at Milly's post (most month's I try to keep the surprise alive, but what can I say, I'm weak-willed!) so was literally tearing at the stubborn lid to get my hands on the samples!

(Oh, and I think I may have just about managed to master the art of opening these stupid boxes! I do seem to improve with each new box - you should have seen me with the first one, it took like half an hour!)

Carmine February Box

February's box really is exceptional value for money as you get three full size products - but maybe this is to make up for the ridiculously small lipstick!!! And it's also the first time I have seen Carmine do a 6th 'bonus' sample. So what did I get:

Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish in Naomi - 5.5ml full size RRP £4.99 available in Superdrug
A lovely deep red colour that went on smooth and was opaque in around 2-3 coats. I have tried some of Andrea Fulerton's products before, mostly for nail art, so am looking forward to really testing out her polishes too. I already have a similar colour to this in my varnish collection, so would have preferred a different shade, but am happy with this none-the-less.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash - 125ml full size RRP £8.00 available at Balance Me
I have never tried Balance Me products before, so am eager to test this in the bath tomorrow. Balance Me sell themselves on their ingredients being '99% natural origin' with no added yuck (parabens, sulphates, artificial colours etc.) I got the super moisturising body wash which is packed with Shea butter - so apparently no further moisturising needed! And is also a fab size and packaging for travel too.

Steamcream in Jane - 75ml full size RRP £10.50 available at Steamcream
I literally let out a 'Yes!' when I opened the box to discover I had the leopard print tin! Oh yeah! (I think I am borderline obsessed with this animal design....) I have heard of Steamcream before, but never tried it, it sounds to me like a kind of 'everything' cream - it says it will moisturise face, body and hands. I think it will be too heavy on my very oily face, so will probably stick to the neck down, but it has a lovely scent (lavender oil) and sinks in really well. 

White Glo Toothpaste - 24g sample size - 100ml £4.07 available at Boots
Toothpaste? Really? Not really a beauty product in my mind, but definitely a staple toiletry item that will get used. I do yearn for pearly whites, and have contemplated teeth whitening before, so maybe this will stop my to-ing and fro-ing between whatever toothpaste is on offer in Boots and get me to settle down on one that may even do what it says on the tube. Exciting? No. Useful? Oh yes.

Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick in 47 - sample size - 4.7ml £14 available at Tesco
This has to be the most excitable item for me, although it is small, and I truly mean tiny, I have been so keen to try Diego Dalla Palma for ages that this got me swatching straight away. It is a lovely shimmery coral tone that is quite sheer but a great Spring/Summer shade. I don't have a Tesco beauty hall near me, so quite a lot of this brand may end up falling into my online shopping basket soon, oh dear... :)

Yardley London Peony Eau de Toilette - 1ml sample size - 50ml £4.99 available at Fragrance Direct
A lovely little bonus from Carmine, but I wish it was a more contemporary perfume brand though. A nice enough scent, of Peonies funnily enough! But it reminds me a bit of my Granny's bathroom. However, it is in addition to the other products, so I can't complain!
Diego Dalla Palma swatch

Favourite product(s) in the February box - Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick and Steamcream tin.

Overall I am really impressed with this month's box from Carmine and Carmine's beauty box service in general actually. I totally buy into the gimmick of a mystery beauty package delivered straight to your door every month, and I am happy to pay £12.95 for the privilege. I love trying out new brands and products that I wouldn't normally think to sample and the box adds up as a great make-up storage box too!

I have yet to review any of the previous boxes, and probably won't (other than individual loved products). I didn't really want to until I felt I had received the service for long enough to give a true opinion on it's offerings. But I have loved using some of the make-up products in particular, so expect reviews and looks created with them at some point in the future.

Out of the four boxes I have bought so far, February is hands down my favourite of them all.

Carmine January Box
Carmine December Box
Carmine November Box

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