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SheSaidBeauty Box - March Edition

Following on from last weekend's Beauty box review I have another one to tempt you with. Yes, I know, another beauty box I hear you say, but I urge you to give this one a chance as it is not only cheaper than Glossybox and Carmine, it has offered a few alternative samples this month which have really impressed me.

I am of course talking about the SheSaidBeauty box which launched this month, and at £9 + P&P I think it so far shows very good value for money. It works in much the same way as Glossybox and Carmine in that you can subscribe on a 1/3/6/12 month basis (with up to 15% off on some subscription packages) and once a month you will receive a beauty box filled with 5 luxury beauty samples. SheSaidBeauty also offer a free beauty magazine through their website and when you sign up, you create a profile to become part of their online social community - so you can review and chat beauty with other beauty lovers.

My first box, or rather the first box, from SheSaidBeauty was their March box, which arrived on Thursday - I love the fact they ship it to you for the beginning of the month - and eagerly, I got stuck in straight away...

The packaging is much the same as other beauty boxes, but the box itself is a flip top lid instead of the usual box and lid or drawer design, and is perfect for recycling as make-up storage :) I'm also loving the turquoise and fuchsia pink colour combination - very Spring!

Inside I received 5 luxury samples, plus two bonus samples and much like my other beauty subscriptions, there are at least 3 out of 5 products which make the box worthwhile.

Orly Manicure Miniature Nail Varnish in Ancient Jade and bonus Orly 180 grit Nail file - 5.3ml full size £5.00 and £1.10
A gorgeous jade green colour that deeply disappointed in application. I don't own any colours like this so was eager to try this out straight away. But I found the formula very gloopy and difficult to apply thinly or without brush stroke marks. I have found this happen before with other mini nail polishes so it hasn't put me off Orly all together, I will certainly want to try some of their other polishes, it just means that I will have to work extra hard to get a good finish on this next time I want to wear it. The nail file was a nice added bonus that we be duly added to my nail varnish collection, or my handbag.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Trio: Shampoo, Conditioner and Style-Prep Smoother - 250ml full size £15.50, 200ml full size £17.50 and 100ml full size £18.50
I LOVE these samples, but they really weren't big enough! The Shampoo and Conditioner were gone in one use but the Style-Prep has lasted around 5 uses. The little trio really did smooth out my hair, but without leaving residue that might make it feel greasy- I didn't need to touch my straighteners my hair was that smooth! Having never tried Aveda before, I am definitely impressed but would like to sample some of their colour saving formula too.

Premae Harmony Face Balm - 50ml full size £18.00
This was my least favourite product of the box, I don't really do balms - except for the lips - so this is probably all I will use it for. It is an Indian Mango Butter for Combination Skin and has a lovely Lemongrass scent (not Mango odd enough). I was gutted to find that other subscribers received false lashes instead of this balm in their boxes :( if I had got the lashes too, this would have been one of the best beauty boxes I've ever received!

Comfort Zone Good Night Kit - 50ml full size £52.95
I have never heard of, let alone tried, anything from the Comfort Zone range. In the box I received a 6ml overnight recover cream and complex treatment - much like a skin oil. A little goes a long way with the cream so I fully anticipate the 6ml lasting a good fortnight for me. The complex I'm less into, as it is very oily and I have oily skin, but I'm giving it a go anyway to see if there's any improvement in my skin tone or texture. I use no night products on my face at the moment so this will be an interesting little test.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream in Fairy Cake - full size 5ml £4.99
I loved this product from the box and it came in such a good colour too! I haven't used Collection 2000 for years and had been intrigued by many of the brand's latest releases. So this little lovely was very welcome indeed. This lip cream applies like a gloss but it's texture is so velvety and it feels so silky that it isn't really noticeable once on - kind of lightweight like a balm. Fairy cake is a lovely coral which goes more pink once applied to my lips, and has a semi-matte finish.

Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea - 50g full size £9.00
The second bonus from SheSaidBeauty was a tea sample from Jing. Yes, I know, tea? It sounds a bit strange but this turned out to be one of my favourite items of the box! Essentially, this is a green tea 'bulb' made up of green tea, wrapped around a marigold flower, jasmine blossom and a red amaranth flower. You place the bulb in a glass tea pot or jug (I didn't have one so used a large glass instead) and add boiling water. And watch to see the flower unfurl - it takes about 30secs to reach it's full glory! I will definitely be purchasing some more teas from this company, they'd make a great talking point when the girls come over for a chat. 

Favourite product(s) in the March box - Collection 2000 Lip Cream, Jing Flowering Tea and Aveda Hair Trio.

Overall I am really impressed with the first ever box from SheSaidBeauty and I look forward to their offerings in the coming months. But if I'm honest, I still fly the flag for Carmine being the beauty queen of beauty boxes so far, so we'll see how SheSaidBeauty stand up to this in the long run.

If you love the idea of the SheSaidBeauty box then use this referral link to start
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