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GlossyBox - March - The Harrods Edition

So it's the last, but certainly not least, of my trio of Beauty Box subscriptions that I wanted to share with you today. I have already posted reviews on my Carmine and SheSaidBeauty subscriptions, so it was only natural that I finished the series off with my GlossyBox subscription too!

Boy was I a happy bunny on Monday when I came home to find my March box waiting for me. I dropped everything, grabbed my phone (no time for proper photography!) and proceeded to rip the box apart.

You may be aware of the hype in the beauty world about this very special GlossyBox, The Harrods Edition to be precise. And further talk, surrounding the fact that you may get a Burberry lipstick in this month's offerings!

Well, I for one was not disappointed as yes, I did receive the much talked about lipstick....

March - The Harrod's Edition

As I mentioned, March's box was a special Harrods Edition which provided a selection of super luxury samples and although there were no full size products, I was more than ecstatic with my selection as it really was very 'special' indeed! So here's what I got:

Burberry Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick in No. 202 Copper - 0.8g sample size

YES! Oh yes! I was think I actually 'wooped' out loud when I saw the little cream textured box nestled amongst the shredded paper. I am not a huge lipstick fan (I own them yes - but use them less often than I'd like) so I'm afraid to admit that I wanted this purely because it was Burberry and because everyone else wanted it, so naturally I just had to have it! True beauty junkie at heart I suppose! Before I get to the colour, I have to first mention the packaging - this is the most luxuriously packaged sample lipstick I have ever seen!

Housed inside a gunmetal coloured case, with the Burberry check etched on the side and imprinted on the base, was a gorgeous browny-pink toned lip colour that looked as if it would swatch very matte and solid in colour. I was pleased to find though, that it was in fact very sheer and glossy in texture, which gave my lips a hint of brown and yet remained quite natural.

Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream - 30ml sample size

Having recently started to dabble back in the world of Clarins, I was quite pleased with this product to have been included. I don't need any more body lotions, I have so many and never use them as much as I should, but I actually don't think I have any creams in my collection that are as rich as this. So for that fact alone, I have already started to test this one out. The cream is quite thick, but it sinks in well, smells very pleasant (as Clarins always does) and leaves skin beautifully smooth and soft. Whether my thighs will be any firmer will have to be reviewed in time, but for now, I'll be religiously slapping it on!

Molten Brown heavenly gingerlily moisture bath & shower - 50ml sample size

I don't think I have ever purchased a Molton Brown product before, only sampled them as freebies in hotels so this was a lovely product to receive in the box. My previous experiences with the brand have been good and I therefore have high hopes for this bath and shower gel. On first sights, it smells gorgeous and is the perfect size for travelling but I don't know if I'll be able to hold back on trying this out as I'll probably end up using it all before it even makes it to my suitcase!

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum - 5ml sample size

I have seen so many adverts for this and have been really keen to try it out, but have yet to make it to a YSL counter to find a sample. So a most welcome product for my box indeed! I'm currently finishing off a current sample of Lancome's Genefique, so once that's done, I'll give this a go. I don't tend to use much more than my Clinique Dramatically Different Gel on my face and often contemplate taking a leap into the sea of serums, but I am so worried that none will suit my oily skin, I've so far held back. I have high hopes that this will suit my skin but reservations over it's anti-ageing properties as this often means it's too heavy on my skin. I suppose we can only wait and see...

And last but not least, 
Narciso Rodriguez 'for her' eau de parfum - 1ml sample size

I love this fragrance! So much so, that I already own it in the 50ml bottle! Although it would be nice to receive something that I haven't tried, this is not a disappointment in the slightest because it makes a great travel size that I will definitely use up. If you are a fan of sweet and fruity smelling scents then I urge you to try this! 

Favourite product(s) in the Harrods Edition March box - EVERYTHING!

Overall - an AWESOME GlossyBox! I am super impressed with March's offerings (Thank you Harrods!) and it has really brought GlossyBox back into the runnings for me with Carmine.

As I said before on my Carmine postI totally buy into the gimmick of a mystery beauty package delivered straight to your door every month, and I am happy to pay £12.95 for the privilege. I love trying out new brands and products that I wouldn't normally think to sample and the box adds up as a great make-up storage box too!

Like my Carmine subscription, I have yet to review any of the previous boxes, and probably won't (other than individual loved products). I didn't really want to until I felt I had received the service for long enough to give a true opinion on it's offerings. I have used the GossyBox service since December and it has always pleased and provided some samples that I have really used and loved. So out of four boxes, three of which were special edition - Christmas, Valentine's and Harrod's - is subscribing to Glossybox worth it? Definitely!

And although it was hyped up by many and disappointed a lot, The Harrods Edition is still my favourite GlossyBox so far! I am a firm believer that you have to be in it to win it, so if you want the best products each month, then subscribe and commit!

GlossyBox Christmas Edition
GlossyBox Valentines Edition
GlossyBox February box

If you love the idea of the GlossyBox Beauty box 
then use this referral link and subscribe now :) 


  1. I was a bit disappointed with my Glossybox because I got a different colour lipstick that was too dark for me and I didn't get the YSL or Molten Brown. I ended up cancelling, but seeing some of the things you and other bloggers got makes me wonder whether I should rejoin! xx

    1. Thanks for the comment Claire!
      I know what you mean, I've felt similar over other boxes, but in the end, have been glad I've stuck with the subscription as it means in following months I get the forst round of boxes.
      Jem xx


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