Sunday, 22 January 2012

Zara Sale Bargains!

Wow, it's been way too long! I've been so busy updating my sister blog, that sometimes I just forget to blog here too! Well some things just couldn't wait any longer, as a few of my New Year purchases are just too good to not share.

First of all though, to my dear friend Kate (a.k.a my bank manager!) if you're reading this then, I know I didn't need any of these but they really were bargains - I fell in love and I just had to purchase.... OK that's no excuse, I don't have an excuse really but you have to admit, they are lovely :)

Whilst perusing the sales in Zara I came across this patterned Wallet With Sequins and there were only two left, so naturally I grabbed one straight away. I have been after the famous Sequinned Wallet in Gold which sold out long ago, and I refuse to pay over £60 for on eBay!! So when I saw this similar one, I settled for second best - don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it and have loads of outfits that it will go with, but if I had to pick between the gold and this one, gold would always win.

It's a really good size with a sturdy zip that does up across the top. Inside, it has a navy blue cotton lining and lots of card pockets that will hopefully fit some make-up, iphone, keys etc.

The best part of all was the price though - it was £29.99 full price and down to £19.99 in the sale, so a good 30% off. But when I got home, I realised the till had overcharged me at £22.99. So a couple of weeks later, I managed to go into the city again, and took it back expecting to get the £2.99 refund. Except the lady told me that it had now gone down to £9.99 - so she would refund me the £23.99 and sell it to me again, but at the new £9.99 price!!! BARGAIN! I swear I was on a little high from this for the rest of the day (sad, I know!).

I also came across this pair of Flat Studded Court Shoes when I first picked up the bag, (I must have been having a coral day) and snapped them up at a cool £19.99 - not bad for 100% leather, goat skin to be exact! They were at 50% off, down from £39.99.

I love the gold studding on them and I was very tempted by the black version of these lovelies, but I have lots of black flats and few colours, so figured these would make a fab addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I wore them out that evening with skinny denim jeans and my silver Topshop blazer for a smart but casual dinner. Very comfortable to wear and not that pinching considering they're pointed toes.

Let me know what you think.
Do you own the Gold Sequin Wallet? Did you find any good Zara sale buys?

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