Tuesday, 30 July 2013

GlossyBox - July - Seaside Splash Edition

Oh I love a special edition GlossyBox - just check out that under-the-sea style packaging! And July's GlossyBox seems to have delivered products well to tie in with the Summer Seaside Splash theme, all I need now is a designer pair of sunnies to finish the look!

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist - 25ml sample size - full size 125ml £23.00
Tousled hair is not something you see me coveting often. My limp barnet struggles with volume and curls at the best of times so I tend to avoid extra styling products as they can weigh it down more and end up giving me less glossy shine and more of a greasy appeal! However, this little styling spray has surprised me somewhat. I've found that I tend to use it on damp hair before blow-drying, even though you can use it on dry hair, and it gives me a soft healthy slightly textured look. It works best when rubbed into the roots, but I have to be careful not to spray too much otherwise I start venturing into that unwashed-hair-look territory - not good!!

Pukka Ayurveda Radiance Serum - 10ml sample size - full size 50ml £32.00
Pukka is a brand I first came across when I read a few bloggers' raving reviews about a couple of their products. But until now I had yet to try any of them out. The Radiance Serum is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, and is made from 97.5% organic content with has no unnatural additives, fragrances or colours. It contains aloe vera and manuka honey to soothe and refresh the skin whilst gotu kola and lemon balm tone and brighten the complexion. The gel like consistency feels light when applied to the skin, sinks in well (oily skin bonus) and my skin is left feeling silky smooth. There's nothing to not like really!

Ciaté London Paint Pot in Mistress - full size 13.5ml £9.00
I can't believe it's taken me until now to try out this gorgeous British brand - can you believe that this is the first bottle of Ciaté that I have ever owned??! I know, me neither. And what a gorgeous colour to start off with - this is Mistress - Ciaté describe it as a classic pillar box red although I'd say it's a tad more red-orange than 'pillar box' but it it truly beautiful. It goes fairly opaque with one coat, but to avoid the hint of visible white tips underneath I'd go for two just to be sure. The best part of this polish, apart from the cute packaging and glorious colour, is the ease of application. Hands down this is one of the easiest nail polishes I have ever tried, the consistency is so smooth and the brush is the perfect fit for my nail bed. Totally converted!

Coola Organic Suncare Collection Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint - 7ml sample size - full size 50ml £29.99
Aahh, SPF, come to mamma! My pale ghostly white face is never without some sort of sun protection, so it's nice to try out different products available on the market. I am after all constantly on the hunt for the least greasy SPF that I can find to suit my oily skin. BUT, although this sunscreen tint has a few positives - it sinks in well, and doesn't leave too much shine or residue - it does have it's downsides. The tint is way too dark for my pasty complexion and although there's no obvious tide marks, the shade just leaves a shadow that makes my face look a completely different tone to my neck. And second, it's rose essence.... bleurgh! We all must know my dislike of rose scented products by now so I will say no more. Alas, another SPF destined for the 'no' pile.

Anatomicals spray misty for me Facial Spritz - full size 100ml £6.00
Oh, so there's one familiar brand amongst all the others this month. Anatomicals has cropped into a couple GlossyBoxes over the last year but I quite like the brand in general so wasn't minding the brand repetition... although GlossyBox could lay off for a little while now. This facial spritz is probably the product I will use least from this month's items, I just generally don't like the idea of spraying my face to refresh it. Unless I'm sunbathing on holiday, I can't see me finding much use for this.

I have to say all the products fit well with the theme (for once!) and I am especially pleased with the Ciaté paint pot. A fairly average box in my opinion, but you know me, I can't seem to break the subscription box habit! 

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Disclaimer - I have subscribed to GlossyBox out of my own choice and money (damn the fanciful idea of mystery beauty products delivered every month). It was my choice to review the products above and I have done so in a 100% honest manner. I am not compensated for my reviews but if you use my referral link to start a subscription then I can get points towards a free box next time... well who doesn't want free beauty stuff?!!

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