Sunday, 6 April 2014

astrid & miyu March Secret Box

It's time again to take a look at the latest Secret Box from astrid & miyu. A new year has brought with it a new look for the brand and their packaging. 

Gone are the large cream boxes and instead we have a beautiful baby blue (Tiffany-esque) slimline box. The brand has redesigned it's logo and branding to a simple and sleek "A&M" ring motif which is stamped on the box, tissue paper and bags. Inside the box, the pouches have also had a makeover and are now a soft smooth cream micro fibre pouch and drawstring - much less clumsy that the previous canvas bags.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the packaging before, but now it's been updated I love it!

If you haven't heard of this before the Secret Box is a jewellery subscription service that I've been subscribing to for over a year now. The main things you need to know are:

  • Each box is £39 (with free UK and EU delivery) and once subscribed you can cancel at any time
  • Every 3 months you will receive a box filled with astrid & miyu jewellery worth twice the value
  • Items are handpicked for you based on your likes from a style survey completed on sign-up 
If that still doesn't make sense, then you can check out their website or my previous posts here.

After the last box's collaborations, astrid & miyu have continued to provide us with some little extras for this box too. I received a sample of Harmony Creme Balm from Premae Skincare, a sample of Moa thegreenbalm and some skin tattoos from Skin Feelings. If I'm honest I preferred the slightly more generous extras (Essie nail polish, Jelly Pong Pong eyeliner) but they are extras so I guess we can't complain. This box's theme was stacking and I received some beautiful rose gold rings to stack away with to my heart's content...

From left to right: 
Floating Leaf Rose Gold Midi ring In White £24  
The Rosy Delicate One In Blue Ring £29  
The Rosy Delicate One In Black Ring £29

At first when I opened the pouches, I felt a little disappointed that I had received so little - after previous boxes full of goodies, three small rings didn't feel like much. But then I took a closer look at what I had been given and became more and more pleased with my selection.

First up I noticed I had a matching pair of stackable rings, in particular The Rosy Delicate One In Blue Ring and The Rosy Delicate One In Black Ring. I'm a big fan of rose gold, so these little beauties were very welcome in my collection. They fit easily on my ring or middle finger and look great stacked together and with a couple of other rose gold rings that I own. If you're not keen on the blue or black stones these also come in a green, pink or pure (white) as well as yellow gold or silver if you prefer.

The Floating Leaf Rose Gold Midi ring In White was the hidden surprise for me though. I've seen midi rings around but until now had never considered buying any. After slipping this little beauty on though I fell in love... dainty rose gold delicate love. It oozes a kind of elegance that I don't often get with other rings, I am totally converted! Again, this design also comes with different stones (pink or blue) as well as yellow gold or silver.

This month's box has turned out to be good value for money - the contents are worth £82 in total and the box cost £39 - and I've found lots of occasions to wear the rings both alone and stacked together. I've already planned to expand my stacking collection and have added their Perfect One rings to my wishlist...

Have you been tempted by the A&M secret box yet?
Disclaimer - I have not been sponsored for this post and I purchased the Secret Box out of my own monies. For the terms and conditions or further information about astrid & miyu's Secret box then please check out their site here.

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