Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Guess Rose Gold Arm Candy...

You might remember my Going Crazy for Chronographs! post I did just over a year ago and my quest for a chunky bit of arm candy... well if you follow me on instagram (@brushupmakeup) you will have noticed that I did not give up the search and have indeed purchased myself a very un-dainty timepiece to glam up my wrists. And what a bargain it was...

... I found this gem on eBay no less! It was an unused gift that someone wanted to sell and I managed to get in to bid at just the right time. I think I got it for around a third of the RRP so I was bloody chuffed with my bargain hunting. All I had to do was get one more link taken out and I was good to go.

So what is it I hear you cry, well this is the Guess Ladies' Spectrum Chronograph Watch or W170041L to be precise. They do loads of different colours, all pretty much the exact same style but with slightly different product codes. This one is the Rose Gold version with a Champagne face/dial.

It came in a little Guess branded presentation bag with a two-year guarantee. The watch strap and casing is stainless steel with PVD rose gold plating and it is water resistant up to 50m - not that I ever want to wear it in water, something about that just feels so wrong, but it's nice to have the safety of knowing that a bit of rain or washing up won't hurt.

As you can see it is quite chunky when on the wrist and it is the biggest watch I own, but I absolutely LOVE the simplicity of it and the colour is perfect. I am definitely not one for a diamanté or crystal encrusted bit of watch bling so this suits me perfectly.

Clutz here however, has already flung her arm around so much that I have scratched the glass face after only a week of owning it! So if you're clumsy like me then just bear in mind that this is on the larger side and you might want to be a bit more careful. With that exact thought I have put this aside as my 'special occasion' watch and I use a different one everyday that I don't mind getting scratched.

Althought this isn't exactly the same as the one in my original post (so much for insisting I wanted just a gold watch!) I am so happy with my bargain find.

If you're interested in the same design, I've found it for sale on the John Lewis website but if you're not fussed about your exact watch design and are looking for bargain too, then I highly recommend a trawl on eBay - just be careful, there are a lot of fakes out there and be honest with yourself how much you're willing to bid. Sometimes you're better off spending £20 more to get it from a 'proper' shop for peace of mind and guarantee.

Disclaimer - my rather gangster timepiece was purchased by myself for myself, should you wish to join me in chunking up your wrist, then the links above are merely suggestions of places you could acquire such a watch from (in exchange for monies of course).

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