Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Naughty Bit of Neon

I've been on a neon mission of late. After spotting Laura's vibrant Topshop find a little while ago on her blog it became a challenge to find myself a little ode to the neon trend.

I found the aforementioned flats in my local Topshop, in the sale, but after I put them on and got the weirdest look from a friend I couldn't bring myself to commit to the ridiculously bright orange. At least not in full anyway. Laura's right, they are VERY orange.

So later that day, strolling past Dune and I spotted these cute woven wonders in the window...

Dune Minky Neon Woven Ballerina Shoes

Perfect! These were just the right amount of neon orange, toned down with the soft buttery nude leather woven in between. Dune also do a completely nude version but that wouldn't have been very productive in my neon quest now would it?

It's worth noting that almost all images of these I've found on the Internet don't do the orange justice in terms of it brightness. The Dune website is exceptionally poor actually and it's their own shoe design! So I've tried to capture it as best I can but neon is just so hard to photograph. The closest colour is probably in the second picture above (the shoes out of the box) on the piping along the back of the heels.

They are really quite comfortable - but they are leather so I wouldn't expect anything less - and there is a certain amount of give in them - again, expected due to the soft leather uppers. So far I've mostly teamed them with skinny jeans, oh they do look fab with denim, but if the British weather ever decides to heat up they'd look equally good with a pair of tailored white shorts.

In the end I got mine from House of Fraser as I had a voucher to spend but I've found them online at Debenhams, Selfridges, John Lewis and of course Dune.

You might have to hunt around a little for your size, they seem to be sporadic in their availability.
Disclaimer - No one has sponsored me for this post I just couldn't resist a bit of neon. The links above are in case you've caught the neon fever too...

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