Sunday, 22 September 2013

astrid & miyu September Secret Box

Earlier this month - and I mean very early on this month - my latest astrid & miyu Secret box plonked itself through the letterbox. If you haven't already read my previous posts (December, March and June) about this amazing little subscription jewellery box service then check out their website or in a nutshell:

  • Subscribe for £39 per box (with free UK and EU delivery) and cancel whenever
  • Every 3 months you will receive a box filled with astrid & miyu jewellery worth twice the value
  • Items are handpicked for you based on your likes from a style survey completed on sign-up 

This month for me, was the best value for money yet, just feast your little magpie eyes on this box of goodies...

Make Me Lucky bracelet £29
First up is this dainty little silver Make Me Lucky bracelet. It's the first time I've received silver items in my secret box, and this surprised me somewhat as I'm sure I put down my jewellery preferences to be gold or rose gold. But due to it's delicate appearance, I quite like the way the chain almost disappears when worn - it's classic, chic and understated. The horseshoe charm and chain is made from oxidised silver plated brass and the tiny horseshoe, less than 1cm in size, is encrusted with sparkly cubic zirconias. They also do a matching necklace and earrings in this style if you fancy the whole set - I'm quite taken with the gold horseshoe earrings though!

Sunny Side necklace £29
Oh, another silver item! But this one I'm quite taken with. It's a very white-silver, almost like white gold in appearance and oh how the crystals sparkle! This Sunny Side necklace is part of the astrid & miyu signature charm collection and is also made from silver plated brass with cubic zirconias. The charm is small (about 0.8cm) which adds to its subtle appeal and the chain length is around 16 inches - so it sits nicely around collar bone height.

Silk Charm in Black bracelet £19 (Navy)
I have a thing for the astrid & miyu little black bracelets. Having already purchased the Silky Stuff in Black (no longer available) and Charm It in Black corded bracelets, this one adds perfectly to my collection. Made from wired silky thread and boasting a sweet little gold ball encrusted with cubic zirconias, this is a more refined, sleeker version of the Charm It style. And due to the little gold chain, it is adjustable for most wrist sizes too which was an added bonus for my chubby wrists! Unfortunately the black is no longer available - the closest I can find is the navy version - but you can still get this in a range of other Summery colours like fuchsia, lime or tangerine.

Summer Heat in Coral necklace £29
So from three quite dainty pieces, to one rather chunky, in-your-face, boldly colourful statement necklace... and I LOVE IT! This is the Summer Heat in Coral necklace, but you can also get the same style in turquoise. I absolutely love the chunky gold curb chain (which is gold plated brass) and the tribal-esque resin stones and crystals add an injection of edgy bling that can't help but draw your attention. I've had so many comments when wearing this that I'm now finding outfits to go with this necklace and not the other way round! It looks amazing paired with a silk camisole and blazer or layered over a chunky knit, and is just the right length to sit over the collar of most sweaters.

As far as the September box goes, I am pretty darn happy with my collection. Although the silver items wouldn't be my first choice, I do like everything that was picked out for me this month and I am ecstatic with the Summer Heat necklace most of all.

And if my maths skills serve me well, this box came to a grand total of £106... not bad for a £39 Secret Box eh?! I have noticed though that astrid & miyu have dropped their box value once more - they now claim that it will be worth double the value whereas before it was around £100 and when the Secret Box first launched it was up to £200 in value. So I think this may be the last time I get a box worth quite so much but if I'm honest with myself, it's the surprise factor that has me hooked every time!

Disclaimer - I have not been sponsored for this post and I purchased the Secret Box out of my own monies. For the terms and conditions or further information about astrid & miyu's Secret box then please check out their site here.

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