Tuesday, 21 August 2012

TK Maxx Treasures and a sneak peek at me

It's been a little while since I last posted a recent shopping haul and as any that follows my instagram (@brushupmakeup if you want to follow me) will know, a recent trip to TK Maxx was very successful indeed.

Okay, I was meant to be "window shopping" but what's a girl to do when she spots a pair of Zara beige contrast heels for £19.99.... yes, I know! And then hoards upon hoards of make-up - believe me when I say that this little shop was actually quite restrained given what was on offer down the make-up aisle.

Clockwise from Top - Nails Inc. polishes £14.99 Ardell Lashes £2.99 Calvin Klein Make-up £4.99 New CID Powder £7.99

Zara Platform Court with Contrast Heel £19.99
It feels important to point out that all the above beauties were from the TK Maxx store in Truro, Cornwall. I know how TK Maxx can differ from town to city, so if you're in the area, similar items might still be available. It's spurred me into needing to raid the Norwich stores sometime soon to see if I can pick up any other equally as good finds.

So what did I pick up? Well, whilst waiting for my sister to return something, I wandered over to the shoe aisles and immediately spotted the Zara courts - in my size and in perfect condition! I held onto them for dear life, as if another shopper may spot them and try to snatch them, and went in search of the make-up aisle.

There was so much stuff! Some pretty naff, but lots of great brands as well, like Benefit, Essie, Nails Inc., Calvin Klein, CID, Bourjois, Revlon... I could go on. I couldn't decide between the many multi-packs of Nails Inc. colours, so in the end, opted for some classic brights that I didn't already own similar colours to. I then spotted the Ardell lashes - a bargain at £2.99 - and the Calvin Klein make-up. Having just ran out of Touché Eclat, I thought I'd try out CK's version instead and with a lip gloss too at £4.99 that's a damn sight cheaper than YSL!! I didn't really need the New CID powder, but with the trademark 'light-up' feature of CID cosmetics I figured it would be a handy night out clutch bag essential. And thus, a few more things had made their way into my clutches.

Left - Tommy Hilfiger Denim Dress £29.99 Right - Influence Dress £16.99

On making my way to the till point, I spotted two dresses on the ends of the clothing aisles. I hate browsing the aisles of TK Maxx - it's such a jumble sale that I normally don't bother - but as these two lovelies were presented to me away from the clutter, they caught my eye and I had to try them on. And what-do-you-know... perfect fit of course!

The Hilfiger Denim dress is so cute, with a little cream bow that ties around the middle, three buttons down the front and pockets (I'm a sucker for pockets in a dress). I love the dotty almost bird-like print and it goes with so many things in my wardrobe. The print of the Influence dress was what really caught my eye - it makes me think of flamingos but the birds clearly aren't flamingos at all! The belt is pretty rubbish, but it is easily changed and I like the higher neckline on this with a slightly deeper cut at the shoulders. Influence is not a brand I've heard of before, but after a little research I've found that it is often stocked as a concession in New Look.

What do they look like on? Cue some pretty bad quality iPhone pictures..... but you get the idea! Oh, and I suppose this is your first glimpse of what I look like? Hopefully you'll get to see some better snaps of me in the future :)

Hilfiger dress worn with MissSelfridge Cream Sheer Jacket and ASOS wedge heels.

Influence dress

Disclaimer - All items featured in this post were purchased by myself, on a whim of course, but with my own monies. I have not been compensated in anyway for featuring these items or TK Maxx I just wanted to enthuse about my new purchases with you all...


  1. Those Zara shoes are gorgeous! love this post x



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