Saturday, 3 November 2012

GlossyBox - August - International Edition

So August was International month for GlossyBox and they changed up the normal selection of samples to bring us some "hero products from around the world". What did I get? Well, not very exciting on first look but lets see them in a bit more detail:

Alessandro Pro White Nail Polish - sample size (roughly 3ml??) - full size 10ml £7.85
This nail brightening polish comes from Germany. It has a slight blue/purple tinge to the clear polish that gives it a slight UV look and it claims to be an anti-yellowing formula. Well, it's a clear polish, there's not much more to say. It does brighten the nails and makes them look a little healthier but too many applications will make your talons look a little blue so be careful. I have used a similar product by Seche in the past so wasn't overly 'wowed' by this and doubt I'll repurchase.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - 30ml sample size - full size 200ml £18.50
Over to Japan now, for this water-soluble cleanser. Much like many of the oil cleansers on the market now, apply to dry skin and then rinse off. It dissolves makeup effortlessly but I can't seem to rid my mental block of using a cleansing oil on my oily skin. It just doesn't seem right and thus I prefer a cleansing wash instead. I don't think it's particularly "revolutionary" but I guess that the idea of a cleansing oil may have originated in Japan before we saw them over here.

All For Eve for the Eve Appeal Eve's Balm - full size 7g £4.95
Now this doesn't seem to have a particular country associated with it but this balm has been created in support of 'The Eve Appeal' - a gynaecology cancer research fund founded in the UK. Eve's balm is a great all purpose skin balm that nourishes dry or chapped skin. It seems to absorb well and has a pleasant scent, a perfect handbag essential.

Vera Valenti L'Ombre à Paupière Margarita - full size palette 8.5g £3.85
Next is an eyeshadow palette of 10 different colours from the Spanish brand Vera Valenti. I've never heard of the brand before and I have to say, the packaging and presentation hasn't done much to spark my interest either. The colours are bland, the packaging looks cheap and generally unappealing. The colours aren't particularly flattering on my skin tone so will probably give this to my friend's little girl for her 'dressing up' box.

Lipcote - full size 7ml £3.99
The original lipstick sealer. So this is the UK offering for international products. Iconic yes, but relevant nowadays, less so I would guess. In an age of lipgloss I personally have no need for a lipstick sealer anymore. I will most likely try it out when I next wear a bright red lip, but as that's once in a blue moon I doubt it will be any time soon.

GlossyBox Lipstick in Glossy Pink - full size 4g £9.50
Ah, I wondered how long it would take before another 'GlossyBox' special slipped into a box. Unfortuantely my lipstick arrived broken so I had to fix it back into it's holder. A nice enough soft pink tone that's not too strong when on but as a I said before, I'm more of a gloss girl so not sure I'll get much wear out of this one.

So in summary, how did the International box fair in comparison to others? Well, pretty poor in my opinion. There were only three products from other countries, I'd like to have seen all 5 from somewhere other that the UK. Something like Bioderma from France would have been an absolute winner. Here's to hoping September's box is a better offering of goodies!

If you love the idea of the GlossyBox beauty box and want to sign up too, then use this referral link to subscribe now.
Disclaimer - I have subscribed to GlossyBox out of my own choice and money (damn the fanciful idea of mystery beauty products delivered every month). It was my choice to review the products above and I have done so in a 100% honest manner. I am not compensated for my reviews but if you use my referral link to start a subscription then I can get points towards a free box next time... well who doesn't want free beauty stuff?!!

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