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SheSaidBeauty Box - September Edition

Ah, the mysterious case of the missing beauty box! Apologies for the late posting of this beauty box review, but as some may be aware, there was an admin error in the address labels of the SheSaidBeauty September boxes. This eventually resulted in mine not being delivered until this month, following a couple of emails to chase it up. Well at least it's here now so I can move on and get my little stash of beauty boxes cleared!

So what did September offer us? A mixed bag on first inspection, of some good and some bad - yep, you guessed it, another bloody repeat product!! Damn SheSaidBeauty, can someone please liaise with GlossyBox so you don't keep picking up their discarded seconds??!

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel - 10g sample - full size 60ml £22.00
Now this was the first thing to draw my attention in the box. Having read Fiona's review on Makeup Savvy I was keen to try this out, but at over £20 the sensible me decided it was too much money to spend on something that may not do as it claimed. Now I've had the chance to try the sample I am so far pleased with the results - my skin is soft, looks clear and my, ahem, 'dirty pores' are looking more cleansed and less visible. It really is a strange product to use as the gel almost absorbs into the skin like a moisturiser and you can really feel the little balls of dead skin cells being collected up under your fingertips. I'm now getting low on my sample and am desperately hoping that someone spots the underlining/asterisked/highlighted hints on my Christmas list!

Collection Primed and Ready Smoothing Make-Up Primer - 18ml full size £5.99
So the old Collection 2000 is now simply Collection... I'm not normally a fan of rebranding but I think this has been a wise move for the company which had started to become quite dated. The products still have a somewhat 'teen' look about them but then that is their target market after all. Anyway, onto the primer. Well I was a little dubious to start with as so many cheaper end cosmetics really aren't ideal for my oily skin but I thought I'd give it a go. The primer comes out as a thick clear gel and the first thought that popped into my mind was a cheaper alternative to Lancôme's La Base. I used a very small pea-sized amount and applied it to cleansed skin before foundation. It certainly made my makeup application smoother and I have to say, shine was almost but not completely kept at bay. So far, I'm impressed but will continue to try this out before deciding if I really want to buy another. 

Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer - 18ml full size £5.99
Now I don't normally like receiving multiple products from the same brand in my beauty boxes, but I thought that this was a nice little pairing to match the primer. I already own the Urban Decay De-Slick spray so was keen to see how this would compare. After application the spray leaves the skin feeling a little tight - a fact that I like although drier skin types may not, but I'm not overly keen on the scent which is a bit too 'rose' for my taste. I have used it around three or four times and my main conclusion so far is that this felt like it had no effect when used without the primer as a base. With the primer, my makeup seemed to hold well and shine wasn't a huge issue but without the primer, my makeup didn't stay put long enough and the inevitable reflection appeared on my forehead by lunch time. Repurchase? With the primer, yes, otherwise I'll stick to my Urban Decay.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - 30ml full size £3.50
Damn bloody repeat products!!! Aaaahh!! I literally only just received this in the (disappointing) International GlossyBox so was miffed to see it nestled amongst the straw. However, once I'd calmed, I figured that I probably should give it a proper trial, and oh how surprised I was! In the past cleansing oils haven't really sparked my interest and a couple that I tried didn't wow me at all, but this little beauty was different. Applying to dry skin, you massage the oil all over the face - even over heavy/waterproof eye makeup - and it gently lifts your makeup off whilst deep cleaning the skin. Once rinsed away it left my skin soft, smooth and without any trace of oily residue at all. There was a little hint of panda eye after, but nothing a quick bit of Chanel Démaquillant Yeux Intense couldn't sort out. I think this dinky bottle of oil may have completely reformed by cleansing routine!

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask - 15ml full size sachet £4.95
I probably should have split this into two applications and decanted some into a pot, but in my haste to try out a new clay mask, my overeager self decided to plaster the whole lot on at once! Well I am a massive fan of clay masks and was due a little pamper so I thought, what the heck. This one in particular was thicker that ones I've tried before, was green in colour and had a menthol/cooling effect on the skin. After the first minute of application, my cheeks felt hot and started to burn - I wasn't sure if I was reacting to the mask or if the menthol effect just didn't agree with me. I went with the latter and figured that I'd ride it out hoping it would subside. After another 3 or 4 minutes it did and so the mask remained for the full 10 minutes recommended. After I rinsed it off with warm water (and it was a little difficult to remove so a flannel was essential) my skin felt thoroughly cleansed and very smooth. Overall I liked the effect of the mask but I'm not sure I can withstand the menthol.

Popchips Barbeque - 23g full size bag £0.79 
Ooh I love a little edible goody treat! I passed these to the boyfriend to sample. He liked them but then again there's not many crisps/savoury snacks he doesn't. He seemed most intrigued with how they were made - not fried or baked - a bit like popcorn. I like that they are less than 100 calories per bag, but as I don't eat crisps much anyway I doubt they'll get added to the weekly shopping list.

So September's box became a real turn up for the books in the end, it completely overtook GlossyBox which is a first for me! Some fantastic products, some OK ones and all seemed very suitable for my oily skin! I can even forgive the repeat DHC product as I found a new cleansing love as a result. Roll on October SheSaidBeauty :)

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Disclaimer - I have subscribed to the SheSaidBeauty box out of my own choice and money (damn the fanciful idea of mystery beauty products delivered every month). It was my choice to review the products above and I have done so in a 100% honest manner. I am not compensated for my reviews but if you use my referral link to start a subscription then I can get a free box next time... well who doesn't want free beauty stuff?!!

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