Saturday, 16 June 2012

SheSaidBeauty Box - June Edition

Following my last SheSaidBeauty post on May's box I am pleased to now also bring you their June box too!

Having been quite behind on blog posts, I am desperately trying to catch up and am already counting down until almost six uninterrupted weeks of blogging bliss.... a.k.a the Summer holidays! Oh how I love being a teacher :)

Anyway, enough of the gloating, did this month's SheSaidBeauty box improve upon the last?

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream - full size 30ml £6.00 (100ml £14.50)

With my current nail obsession, hand cream has become a firm ritual every time I change my nail colour. So I'm always on the look out for new products that do the job without the grease factor and this has impressed me. It's quite thick, so more suitable for dry hands but it sinks in well and has quite a strong scent of essential oils like patchouli and bergamot. I like trying Balance Me samples as their products are paraben/sulphate etc. free and the ingredients sourced from natural origins. Overall a nice item to receive.

Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir - 50ml sample size - full size 300ml £19.00

Oh dammit! A bath product.... well that will have to wait until Winter. Why? Well my house is old, I mean falling down type of old, and the winter months are bitter cold which means I rely on baths to warm up. So in the Summer, I jump at the chance to have showers again without freezing my bits off! And thus, this will not be used until probably later this year when I can no longer stand in my shower without shivering. On a positive note it smells goooooood, so I will have this to look forward to!

Ginvera green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream - sample sachet 3g - full size 25ml £20.00

So this was the bonus sample for this month, a little small but it is a bonus I suppose so I shouldn't complain. I've actually yet to open this as I am so sceptical about BB creams and my oily skin. They just don't keep me matte for long enough! Well this one, I have to say, looks like it may do a better job than many UK BB creams - Ginvera is from Singapore so hopefully this will have all the goodness of Asian BB creams. I love that it is SPF30 and has a non greasy formula... I'll let you know how I get on.

Let's Go Lashes in Tease 1 - full size £8.95

OK, I can maybe forgive the fact that it's two months in a row now that we've had false lashes. But to receive the SAME ONES that I got in another beauty box only a couple of weeks before.... grrrrrrr indeed! This put a huge dampener on this whole box for me if I'm honest. I don't mind false lashes but that's now three beauty boxes in a row that I've got a set in, so the next few months better be false-lash-free or I will be more than a little peeved! Oh, I received Tease by the way - a long and fluttery design but I'm too annoyed to care right now....

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser in Med/Dark - 75ml sample size - full size 200ml £14.30

Oh thank god for that! In one lone product the box has redeemed itself! I bloody LOVE St. Tropez, especially their gradual tan! I have been a loyal fan of this for over a year now and will not buy any other brand, despite the hefty price tag. As mentioned before, I am really fair skinned, so rely on fake tan for a nice glow, and this is the best developing gradual tan I have found on the market. It does smell a little iffy but I can put up with that and 75ml is the perfect travel size to top up with whilst on holiday!

Yardley London Royal Diamond Eau de Toilette - 1ml sample size - full size 50ml £9.99

Hmmm, Yardley, as pleasant as this fruity-floral scent is, I can't get over the 'Granny' thoughts when I spot a Yardley product. I think they must be on a mission at the moment to appeal to a younger market but I'm afraid they just don't do it for me. Royal Diamond is the nicest fragrance from Yardley that I have tried, but I doubt I will finish the sample and can guarantee that I will probably never purchase it full size either. Oh and I'm not happy that this was passed off as one of the products this month... tut tut! 1ml is a not a sample it's a dribble!!!

So how did June's box fair? Well, for me, this one is a mixture of loathing and love. This seemed to be the first beauty box where SheSaid Beauty skimped a little on the samples - the box just didn't look as full as previous months - and don't even get me started on the bloody false lashes! But saying that, thanks to St. Tropez, almost all is forgiven. It hasn't put me off completely and I certainly won't be stopping my subscription anytime soon but I still think SheSaidBeauty need to do something to step up to the mark of GlossyBox and Carmine - RIP :(

If you like the idea of the SheSaidBeauty box then use this referral link to start your subscription now!
Disclaimer - I have subscribed to the SheSaidBeauty box out of my own choice and money (damn the fanciful idea of mystery beauty products delivered every month). It was my choice to review the products above and I have done so in a 100% honest manner. I am not compensated for my reviews but if you use my referral link to start a subscription then I can get a free box next time... well who doesn't want free beauty stuff?!!


  1. Try out the BB cream. I have oily/ combination skin and it still works absolute miracles. Its better than any foundation Ive ever bought-gives amazing coverage- so its well worth a try xx

    1. I did on your recommendation Annie and I have to say, so far so good :)
      Jem xx


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